Breast Cancer Charity For The Year 2017



Breast Cancer Support is a charity working to provide for those patients who can’t afford their basic right for treatment and today this breast cancer charity brings you info graphic explaining the major facts and figures related to breast cancer for the year 2017. First of all, breast occurs when the cells divide and have an abnormal growth, without dying and going against their natural process.  More commonly diagnosed in women than men, around 50,000 women reported with breast cancer and 4600 in Scotland.  It happens in women however around 350 men were also diagnosed with this disease in the UK and 30 in Scotland.  This cruel disease can be detected in a number of ways the first being through examinations by doctors or by examining it yourself through a self examination. Furthermore women who are over 40 should get X Rays done after every 2 years to be on the safe side


Author: Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Support provides breast cancer charity services to breast cancer patients who are unable to afford treatment by fighting breast cancer in countries across the globe.

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