Breast Cancer Charity For The Year 2017



Breast Cancer Support is a charity working to provide for those patients who can’t afford their basic right for treatment and today this breast cancer charity brings you info graphic explaining the major facts and figures related to breast cancer for the year 2017. First of all, breast occurs when the cells divide and have an abnormal growth, without dying and going against their natural process.  More commonly diagnosed in women than men, around 50,000 women reported with breast cancer and 4600 in Scotland.  It happens in women however around 350 men were also diagnosed with this disease in the UK and 30 in Scotland.  This cruel disease can be detected in a number of ways the first being through examinations by doctors or by examining it yourself through a self examination. Furthermore women who are over 40 should get X Rays done after every 2 years to be on the safe side


Approaching the End of Life – Cancer


Cancer is one of the most common type of diseases in the world today.  Learning that you have advanced cancer might be the most difficult thing to hear and grasp, when life seems so good you should know it might not last long. Advanced cancer is cancer that’s growing and now not responding to the treatment it will get so this may make you feel lost and afraid of death but one should always have somethings clear in life. The first one being that as good as this life seems death is the only reality of it.

But getting a taste of life is as good as anything plus knowing what to expect and then creating a plan on how to tackle and then handle it is better than getting a sudden stroke or heart attack.  By being prepared to deal with it can enable you to get the necessary support and build your support system and get the care you deserve and need is vital so that you can have the best quality of life possible or have a good life, whatever is left of off it.

Why not use this time to focus on the important aspect of life, like loved ones focus on physical, spiritual, emotional and family concerns, the cancer patient and the family may have a lot of questions regarding the disease, so it’s important to fully understand and realise what should be expected both physically and emotionally during these last few days so that you can help yourself live to the fullest without having any regrets.

Breast Cancer is another common cancer type in women and sometimes also in men and now more and more awareness campaigns and self-detection ways are being given to people so that they can take cancer seriously and so breast cancer care is the number one issue faced by women in the world.  People are often afraid of death, they might be afraid to die alone might be afraid of the sufferings and the pain that they will have to go through, but if you think about it is that fear of dying somehow avoidable and made easier. The fear might be that they weren’t able to achieve anything or didn’t have purpose or a purposeful life.

Trying to figure out what fear do they have can help in managing it and will also help in supporting them.  Anger is something hard to identify and very few people actually are ready to die why someone would leave the lust of this beautiful world no one in their right mind would willingly die, except some who go through severe depression. We as humans feel safe around the people who care for us and also know they will forgive us, anger can be channeled through proper channels and as a source of energy to help you take action against all what is bothering you in the world.